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Your New Friend | the Gecko

22 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  At night, while you’re totally enveloped by the luxurious salty breeze and the sound of the ocean waves, it’s possible you may be interrupted by a short, sharp clicking sound. It sounds exactly like clicking the side of your tongue against the roof of…

Hike of the Week | Manoa Falls

21 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  Highlights of the Hike: While there are plenty of beautiful rainforest scenes to enjoy along the way, the real star of this hike is at the end of the 0.8 mile trail: a magnificent waterfall cascading over a 150 ft cliff face!    Directions:…

Hawai’i Close Up | Tropical Arrangements

20 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  Hawai’i Close Up – Tropical Floral Arrangements One perk of welcoming guests to our island paradise is the opportunity to present them with a celebration of Hawaiʻi’s natural beauty in the form of a spectacular floral arrangement. This blossoming arrangement features red anthurium, ginger,…

Ono on the Menu | ‘Ulu

19 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

“Ono” means delicious!   ʻUlu is the Hawaiian word for breadfruit, a common tree in many tropical regions. ʻUlu has a mildly sweet taste and starchy texture. You wouldn’t think it could be a major player in a flavorful dish, but innovative local chefs are…

The Sweet Smell of Hawai’i

18 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  You may be headed for a Hawaiian vacation rental, for a family or friendʻs home, or straight to a campsite, but all visitors are greeted the same as they step off the plane: by the sweet, sweet Hawaiian air. Itʻs a mixture of warmth,…

Good to Know | Mauka and Makai

17 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  If you ask directions from a local, you’ll likely hear something like, “After you pass the third stoplight, the store is on the mauka side of the street.” Don’t panic! Just remember:     Mauka – Sounds like “mountain”. Look or turn towards  the…


16 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  Move aside Baby Shark, here comes the Fish with the Pig-Like Snout!    This one is fun for the kids! First, they can learn how to memorize and say the full name of Hawaiʻi’s state fish, the humuhumunukunukuaāpuaʻa. (Hint: take it slow, sound it…

Historical Hawai’i | Feather Capes

15 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  If you plan to visit one of our Honolulu Museums that specialize in Native Hawaiian art and culture, you may come across a display case with a feather cape, or ʻahu ʻula. These historical artifacts are huge, each with a unique color pattern –…

Hike of the Week | Pu‘u Ma‘eli‘eli Pillbox Hike

14 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  Highlights of the Hike: The final stretch of the trail features a 80 degree view atop a bunker of Kaneohe Bay, extending from Kailua all the way to Chinaman’s Hat.The teal blue hues of the ocean meet the Ko’olau Mountain Range at this very…

Ocean Medicine ~ Visual Therapy

13 May 2020, Posted by Ashley in Blog

  Luckily for those of us on-island during the past few weeks, the shelter-in-place orders have always allowed for ocean activities (though beach walks were restricted for a while), allowing us to take advantage of the incredibly reviving benefits of the ocean.    Whether on…